#OCOilSpill Press Updates

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On October 1st, an oil slick was reported off the coast of Huntington Beach. By taking swift action, we were able to reverse or halt many of the ill effects of the oil spill. However, despite the improvements, the toll for wildlife, boat owners, businesses, community members, and ocean enthusiasts was large. Businesses impacted by the oil spill were able to fill out an Economic Injury Worksheet and apply for a Business Impact Recovery Claim. While fisheries and beaches reopened, it was just this week that officials declared all O.C. oil spill cleanup complete. Read more: Here

My focus is on finding improvements to how we respond and prevent future oil spills. As for who was responsible for the oil spill, Amplify Energy Corp. and its companies (that operate several oil rigs and a pipeline off Long Beach) were charged by a federal grand jury with a single misdemeanor count of illegally discharging oil. Read more: Here