February 5, 2020
Commentary: State should avoid interfering with local zoning laws - Los Angeles Times

By Michelle Steel

State Senate Bill 50 roared back last month, only to be defeated almost as quickly as it reared its ugly head. The bill, which was placed on the back burner, was reintroduced in January after ...


January 10, 2020
South Korean leadership hindering denuclearization efforts

By Michelle Steel

North Korea continues to ratchet up its bellicose rhetoric toward the United States as we enter the new year. Kim Jong Un, admitting that U.S. sanctions are working against his fledgling regime, has told the U.S. that he has “given up” on denuclearization.


January 10, 2019
State ‘sanctuary’ laws tie the hands of local law enforcement

By Michelle Steel

Once again Californians have a front row seat to the tragic results of our so-called “sanctuary” laws. Cpl. Ronil Singh of the Newman Police Department was the most recent casualty on an ever-growing list of Americans who have allegedly been killed by undocumented immigrants.


July 26, 2018  
Orange County Housing Finance Trust unnecessary at best

By Michelle Steel

While many local leaders have stepped forward with the good intention of solving the homeless issue, some of the proposed solutions come with heavy consequences that would only make the problem worse. Your local state representatives have proposed legislation that will take away local control, and grow the size of government, to build large scale homeless and subsidized government housing in your backyard with your hard-earned dollars.


August 3, 2017  
Reaching Deeper into Taxpayer’s Wallets No Solution for High Cost of Housing

By: Michelle Steel and Hugh Nguyen

The lack of affordable housing is an ever-increasing problem for us here in California. Unfortunately, this problem will only be made worse by Senator Atkins and others in Sacramento who have chosen to reach further into hardworking taxpayer’s wallets instead of addressing the real cause of the high cost of housing.


June 12, 2017  
Mutual trust will help ensure freedom in the Pacific

I am an immigrant to the United States born in South Korea. My parents fled the North to escape communism. I understand the important relationship that exists between the United States and Korea. It is a history that is forged in blood and sacrifice.


May 24, 2016  
Commentary: Despite old comments, John Wayne deserves local recognition

Now more than ever, politics has become a contact sport and has affected every aspect of our lives, including how we see our celebrities, like the stars of the silver screen.


April 29, 2016  
Tax Freedom Day – Californians still working for the government

As the song goes, everybody’s working for the weekend. But if you are a California taxpayer, you are working for the government until April 30. According to the Tax Foundation, that is the day tax freedom comes to us here in the Golden State.


March 10, 2016  
Sacramento should stop new tax on driving

Do you want the government following your car every day? Most of us don’t like that Orwellian vision, but that’s what a tax scheme brewing in the Legislature just might do.


October 15, 2015  
A Hammer in Search of a Nail

Recently, the Orange County Board of Supervisors considered two competing proposals to establish an ethics commission to oversee campaigns and elections for county offices. Of course, there was no dispute for the need to ensure that our County elected officials and candidates conduct their campaigns with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.


April 24, 2015  
100 years later, U.S. should recognize the Armenian Genocide

In 1890, Sultan Abdul Hamid II declared he would solve the “Armenian Question” in the Ottoman Empire, beginning a series of violent pogroms that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Armenians throughout the Empire. Armenian villages were destroyed, their residents were massacred.