Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship requests must be for events or organizations within the Second District

Requests must be submitted three weeks in advance for timely review and processing.

Please submit your sponsorship request at least three weeks in advance. This allows the County time to review, approve, and process a sponsorship payment. If approved, you should receive payment three weeks from the time of approval. Please note: Not all sponsorship requests will be approved.

Sponsorship requests to support events, programs or activities must fall within the scope of the mission and business for the County. The event, program or activity shall employ consistent County branding to maximize the name recognition of the County, increase public participation, and promote the County’s mission as effectively as possible.

Organizer contact information
Non-profit status
Speaking opportunity
Opportunity for our office to table
Inclusion of our info/logo on materials
Collaborate with marketing and social media push?
Prior sponsorship requests?
Share / Recap event
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